Statewide FTX


Over the weekend 3UPVA gathered for a celebration of camping, training, and fellowship.  The turnout was great as brothers and sisters from around the state gathered to learn new skills and bond with their fellow patriots.  3UPVA organizes statewide field training exercises several times a year at one of their complexes.

group2At this FTX members got to try new gear and improve their marksmanship.  There were rifle classes and pistol classes going on through the weekend.  This helped our members with their skills with firearms, but this wasn’t the only training going on.

Members also learned new survival skills.  One such training was fire building where members learned to start fires without modern tools.  These skills could prove vital in an emergency situation. group3

In addition to the training there was also a swap meet where members could trade gear that they no longer needed for other gear.  There was also a bon fire where members got a chance to relax with their fellow patriots.

It was a great weekend.  Don’t miss our winter FTX!

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