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III% United Patriots Of Virginia Challenges The SPLC To Meet

Ashburn, Va – February 23, 2017 –  “The Southern Poverty Law Center” has unfairly labeled III% United Patriots Of Virginia and other Patriots as anti-government militias, according to the leadership of “III% United Patriots Of  Virginia”

III% United Patriots Of Virginia is an organization in Virginia that hopes to better their communities and push for limited government that acts within the boundaries of The Constitution.

“They label us as an anti-government militia,” says Mr. Crump, “but we are not anti-government at all and we are definitely not a militia.  We want to work to better educate people on The Constitution and push for government accountability.  We also do a lot of charity work which the SPLC fails to mention.”

The SPLC has also labeled other groups as anti-government militias such as The Constitution Party, and Mark Dice who host a Youtube channel where he takes fake surveys.

Mr. Crump believes that The SPLC targets his group and others like his because of The SPLC’s liberal agenda.

“We believe in the constitution and the principles set out by our forefathers.  We believe in  America.  I fail to see how that makes us anti government extremist.  We are open to all ideas from both the left and the right.  We are a big tent type of organization.  I invite anyone to come check us out. The SPLC has an agenda.  That agenda is to smear anyone that they don’t agree with.  They think anyone who goes against them is an extremist.”

The leadership of III% United Patriots challenges the SPLC to meet with them and see what they are all about.

John Crump is the Zone 10 Leader for III% United Patriots Of Virginia which encompasses Loudoun, Prince William, Fairfax, and parts of DC.  

John Crump
PO Box 56
Ashburn, VA 20146

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