III% United Patriots Of Virginia Condemns Political Violence

III% United Patriots Of Virginia
Together We Fight. United We Preval


14 August, 2017

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III% United Patriots Of Virginia

III% United Patriots Of Virginia Condemns Political Violence
Freedom To Protest Is Not Freedom To Commit Violence.

Charlottesville, VA (14 August, 2017) III% United Patriots Of Virginia condemns all political violence at the Unite The Right rally. 3UPVA hopes anyone that was violent be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

III% United Patriots believe that the gathering of White Supremacist and the the far left group Antifa did not come to protest. 3UPVA believes that both groups came with the goal to fight. Our hearts break for the people caught in the crossfire.

“This is not what being a Virginian is about,” spokesperson John Crump said. “We all need to come together as one people regardless of race. We need to be able to exchange ideas without resorting to violence”.

III% United Patriots Of Virginia also strongly disagrees with any patriot groups that went to the rally. 3UPVA believes that their misguided attempt to protect the citizens of Charlottesville has hurt the movement.

“Every major group in Virginia stood down because we knew what was happening and only bad things were going to come of this rally,” John Crump said. “Groups from out of state came fully kitted out and was automatically grouped with the white supremacists. None of these groups contacted any local Patriots groups. It is a shame they do not understand the 10th amendment. We had a good thing going here in Virginia and to see outsiders come in and ruin it is sad.”

4 thoughts on “III% United Patriots Of Virginia Condemns Political Violence

  • As an open-minded individual with no true group affiliation, I invite civil discourse with my friends even if we disagree. A lot of this discourse led one of my said friends to share the video the Patriots made after feeling let down by the police in the rally. I had honestly not heard of the group before. When doing a search after the video to gain info I happen upon this. So you have to excuse my ignorance, but I am wondering if you would enlighten me as to what was specifically meant by the 10th amendment comment.

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