August 2, 2016


Are you a patriot? Are you prepared to defend the principles this Nation was founded on? If you can answer yes to these questions then become part of the III% who are ready to make a difference.

Our organization the III% UNITED PATRIOTS is accepting new members in every state. We are a growing organization that exists to help organize III% groups across the country. We have organized many opportunities for meetings and training down to a local level. Be sure to check out your state pages and find your states representative and contact them. We are looking for active members and those that are ready to get out and make a difference. We accept every people of every walk of life. We accept people of every belief system. We do not care about race or creed. We care about the constitution.

Join the III% today stand up for your rights, and learn to defend what is yours. This organization is growing, be part of something good be part of something important.

With Patriots in every State, the III% United Patriots are growing daily. Whether you are in a big city or miles away from the nearest town, you have a place with us.

When you join III% United Patriots, we ask that you make contact with your State Leader so that he or she may put you in contact with your local leadership team.

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